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Paul Roebber


Dr. Paul Roebber is the Founder of Innovative Weather, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences in the UWM Department of Mathematical Sciences, and Associate Dean of the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences. His research in synoptic meteorology has led to improvements in operational tools used by the National Weather Service, Weather Eye, Inc., and WE Energies. Dr. Roebber's background includes experience in mesoscale numerical model prediction, private forecasting, and editing the journal of Weather and Forecasting. He has been the recipient of the American Meteorological Society's Editors Award, the UWM Research Foundation Senior Faculty Award, and the Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award.

Alex Bukvich

Director of Operations

Alex Bukvich stepped into the role as the Director of Operations in Fall of 2019, after years of experience at Innovative Weather. In his role, he manages the daily forecast services, product development/tech support, oversees the training and professional development of interns and senior staff, recruits/maintains partner relationships, and helps to manage the sustainability of the program. While earning his BS in Atmospheric Sciences at UWM, he joined the IW team as a student intern in Spring of 2016, becoming a Meteorologist by fall of that year. After graduation in winter 2017, he began his servant leadership with IW as the Assistant Director of Programming, which after two years led to the opportunity to step in as the Interim Director of Operations. Innovative Weather has been one of the shining experiences from his education, and he finds joy in the ability to give back and help lead the program, while adding value to the community and training the next generation of meteorologists. His time at UWM also saw him heavily involved with the UWM Atmospheric Science Club, as well as UWM Panther Rugby. When not watching the weather, you can find Alex around a rugby pitch or catching up on the latest Formula 1 race.

Alex Moxon

Co-Director of Technology/Assistant Director of Operations

Alex graduated from J.I. Case High School in Racine, WI in 2016 and is completing his Bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Entering UW-Milwaukee with an interest in broadcast meteorology, Alex's experience at UWM has broadened his interests to general operational meteorology as well as research aspects of meteorology. Alex has worked as a meteorologist at Innovative Weather since July 2018 and has been researching storm chaser behavior with Dr. Paul Roebber since January 2019. Alex has also served as the President of the Atmospheric Science Club at UW-Milwaukee. Alex plans to graduate with a BS in Atmospheric Science in December 2020 with plans to pursue a Master's degree in Atmospheric Science thereafter.

Michael Vossen

Co-Director of Technology/Assistant Director of Programming

Originally form central Minnesota, Michael received a B.S. degree in Meteorology with a minor in Computing from St. Cloud State University in 2019 where he also served as American Meteorological Society Student Chapter President. Also, while at St. Cloud, he served as an intern meteorologist with the Minnesota Golf Association for two summers. He is expected to receive his M.S. degree in Atmospheric Sciences from UW-Milwaukee in the summer 2021. He currently researches tropical cyclone intensification over land with Dr. Clark Evans and will be continuing his studies at UW-Milwaukee for his Ph.D. Michael started at Innovative Weather as an intern in July 2020 and was promoted to Operational Meteorologist in December of 2020. Due to his extensive programming background, he was promoted to his current position of Co-Director of Technology in April 2021. He enjoys fishing and exploring the rural areas of southeast Wisconsin in his spare time.

Mike Westendorf

Director of Operations Emeritus

Mike Westendorf has recently transitioned over to his new role as the Director of Professional Development for Innovative Weather, after holding the Director of Operations title for the last 13 years. His responsibilities include training staff members, mentoring senior staff, recruiting clients, and maintaining program sustainability. Westendorf graduated from UWM in 1996 with a BS in Atmospheric Sciences, and went on to complete his post-undergraduate research on high-resolution modeling and radar analysis with Dr. Roebber. In 2017 he was awarded the Outstanding Performance and Service Award and in 2019 was awarded the Inspiring Student Success Award for his role at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His experience includes roles as Director of Operations at Weather Eye, Inc. and Severe Weather Assistant under then Chief Meteorologist Paul Joseph at WTMJ4, Milwaukee's NBC affiliate. Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter.

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