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Develop Your Skills

Innovative Weather offers part time positions to UW–Milwaukee students who are pursuing or have completed a degree in atmospheric science. Students begin as Operational Interns, learning our forecasting models and software. As they progress, students apply these skills as Meteorologist Interns developing forecasts and audio broadcasts. With advanced knowledge, students become Operational Meteorologists responsible for client consultation and decision-making support.

Gain Valuable Experience

Innovative Weather abounds with unique opportunities; hands-on mentoring with sophisticated weather models, real-time information synthesis, and short- and long-form forecasting increases students' understanding of the client forecast process and builds an appreciation for community service. Our students also hone their professional and soft skills in client relations, broadcast communication, theoretical application, and meteorology research—a diverse skill set that applies to the classroom and to future careers in meteorology and beyond.


Interested students must be declared majors in the UW–Milwaukee Atmospheric Science program. Students can declare a major at the end of their sophomore year after completing 16 credits of math, 10 credits of physics, 5 credits of chemistry, and 3 credits of computer science.

Want to Know More?

To read more about our current staff (and your potential co-workers!) visit our People page.

Interested in becoming an Innovative Weather intern? Call us at (414) 229-2900, e-mail alexb@innovativeweather.com, or view our Student Media Kit (pdf).

"I owe my success to the unique opportunity that is IW, and to the irreplaceable mentoring and motivation that Prof. Roebber and Mike Westendorf provide to each IW employee. IW was the missing piece to the puzzle that I needed to stand out."

Zach Uttech, Meteorologist Intern, National Weather Service, Innovative Weather Alum

"I have learned how to make weather forecasts that are tailored to a client's specific needs, consulted directly with clients, and developed the skills needed to share my forecasts with a radio listening audience. This program helped me develop confidence in myself as an individual as well as a Meteorologist."

Dawn Kopacz, UWM Ph.D. student and Innovative Weather Alum

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