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Brock Burghardt

I received my B.S. in Atmospheric Science in May of 2011 and am currently a Masters student working with Professors Paul Roebber and Clark Evans. Upon completion of my M.S. in Atmospheric Science in May of 2013, I plan to either work towards my PhD or find employment in the research sector that focuses on operational meteorology. I chose UWM because of its diverse and well known faculty within the University and the Atmospheric Science program. I have been with Innovative Weather since June of 2009 and most enjoy analyzing complicated forecast situations, particularly those involving severe weather and winter storms, and having the opportunity to communicate the weather impact to private client operations and the public. I am a lifelong Packers, Brewers and Badgers fan and in my free time I enjoy storm chasing, mountain biking, running, downhill skiing and surfing.

Nathan Auping

I graduated from UWM in May of 2012 with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science, and have been with Innovative Weather since March of 2011. I started out studying electrical engineering, but decided to pursue my lifelong passion after learning about the Atmospheric Science program here. In the future I'd like to go to graduate school with an emphasis in social science in meteorology and helping people further understand the risks severe weather poses them. In summer you can find me spending as much time outdoors as possible, and in winter local ski hills are a typical hangout.

Keith White

I graduated in May 2012 from the UWM Atmospheric Science program, and worked with Innovative Weather from November of 2011 through August 2013. I've been a weather enthusiast since grade school, and I chose UWM because it is one of only three schools in the state with an Atmospheric Science program, and the only one to offer forecasting internship opportunities. I moved on to complete an MS in Atmospheric Science at Texas A&M University in 2015. I currently work as a Satellite Climate Data Scientist for Remote Sensing Systems in Santa Rosa, CA, but remain very interested in forecasting in my free time.

Charles Smith

My experience at Innovative Weather started in October of 2009 as a meteorologist, but I've taken on programming responsibilities over the past year. I graduated in August 2011 from the UWM Atmospheric Science program, and am currently taking computer science classes as a non-degree seeking student. I decided to go to UWM because of how close it was to home, along with the tuition price compared to out of state costs. I have a general interest in anything technological or science related, and enjoy a good run along with watching sports in my spare time. Like many of my coworkers, I've had a general interest in weather for most of my life, but I remember driving through a storm when I was 12 and it could accurately be described as one of the most memorable and terrorizing experiences I've ever been through.

Nick Melcher

I worked with Innovative Weather from December of 2011 through early 2014. Since I was very young, I have always been interested in the weather. During thunderstorms, I would hang out in the garage to watch until my parents yelled at me. When I was in 4th grade I got to tour WTMJ and I met John Malan, and I got to interview a National Weather Service meteorologist my sophomore year in high school. After I finish my bachelor's degree, I plan on attending graduate school in hopes of pursuing a career as an operational meteorologist for the National Weather Service. I enjoy working at Innovative Weather and like that it provides real life experience for students and gives us the opportunity to work in the field and get our feet in the door.

Alex Winter

My spark of interest in weather didn't arise until I was 15 years old when I was playing catch with my father in our backyard as cardboard, paper, etc. began falling from the sky. Not 5 minutes later, we were inside and hearing of a F3 tornado that had ripped through Stoughton, WI no more than 30 minutes prior. I couldn't wrap my mind around how debris from that tornado could be falling in my own backyard! And thus, my interest in learning about weather began. I graduated in the spring of 2012 with my Bachelor's Degree and worked in two separate stints at Innovative Weather: One from June 2011-January 2012, and the next from August 2012-September 2014. While after graduation, I had considered continuing education in the Master's Program at UWM, but decided to continue to gain experience by working for Innovative Weather. I recently accepted a position in October 2014 with Schneider Electric in Minnesota, working as an Energy Team Meteorologist, and couldn't be more blessed with this opportunity. I wouldn't have been able to acquire this position if it wasn't for the communication, risk assessment, and weather forecasting skills I gained through my tenure at Innovative Weather. This program is invaluable to the meteorology student who has an interest in operational meteorology, but is more importantly a gateway to a plethora of other opportunities outside of weather through the skills and maturation one develops during their time at Innovative Weather.

Ashley Osness

I graduated in May of 2013 with a bachelors degree in Atmospheric Science, and have been working at Innovative Weather for the past two years ending in early 2014. This experience has done a lot to teach me about operational forecasting and working in stressful situations. Working with clients has been a great experience that has challenged and improved my communication skills. Since I was little, I have always wanted to be a meteorologist and learning about the weather and having this experience will give me an edge, as I look for a job in operational forecasting, in the coming years. Besides forecasting weather, I enjoy working at New York and Company, playing tennis, and reading a good book.

Jacob Gajewski

Innovative Weather was an invaluable opportunity that exposed me to all aspects of a functioning weather office, including forecasting, communication, and life as an operational meteorologist. I experienced both the meteorological and non-meteorological facets of weather forecasting, and that allowed me to mature into a competent meteorologist. In addition to weather forecasting, Innovative Weather also developed and refined my personal and professional skill-sets, many of which are essential given the current job market. Without this experience I would likely not be where I am today, and am truly blessed to have been a part of this program. I began my time at Innovative Weather in November of 2011 and remained there until March of 2015 before moving on to my current position with Quad Graphics. In May of 2013 I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science and also spent time serving as President of the Atmospheric Sciences Club.

Kyle Koval

I started at Innovative Weather in November of 2013 as an Intern and became an Operational Meteorologist in March of 2014. I completed my BS in Atmospheric Science in May of 2014 and received runner-up honors for the 2013/2014 Wx Challenge. After graduation I continued to work at Innovative Weather until December of 2014 when I accepted an offer to work as an Energy Meteorologist for Schneider Electric in Minnesota. Given the experience I gained from working at Innovative Weather, I was prepared to forecast and give consultation to some of the biggest energy clients on the East Coast. While there isn't one particular event that got me interested in weather, I remember watching the Weather Channel and looking at the weather everyday in the newspaper as a kid. It's a passion that has stuck with me ever since. Besides forecasting the weather, I enjoy storm chasing, spending time outdoors and watching and discussing sports, especially the Brewers and Packers. I will always be Wisconsin at heart even though I no longer call it home.?

Cory Mueller

I'm set to graduate with my bachelors in May of 2013, and I started at Innovative Weather in January of 2012. After graduation I'd like to work in a similar environment providing forecasts to private clients, though I haven't ruled out broadcasting as an option. I really enjoy the working environment here; it provides an opportunity to hold a large amount of responsibility, as well as a method of applying my coursework. I've always been interested in weather, and I decided to attend UWM because it is one of only three schools in the state that offer an Atmospheric Science degree, and it's fairly close to home. In my spare time I enjoy attending Brewer games and I often spend time up north relaxing on the lake.

Kayla Rodenbeck

I've been a student at UWM since 2009, and an intern at Innovative Weather since June of 2012. When I was a small child I remember driving near an F5 tornado, and I've had a special interest in weather events ever since. I was reaffirmed of my desire to pursue meteorology as a career choice after flying in a plane through a tropical storm in Florida at age 15. I decided to attend UWM after hearing of the IW program in high school, and because it allows me to commute easily from home. After graduation, I hope to find an operational forecasting job, and to someday work for the National Weather Service. When I'm not working on schoolwork, I'm an avid cook, and love to create meals for my friends and family on a regular basis.

Kim Anderson

I will be graduating from UWM in May 2014 from the Atmospheric Science program and have been with Innovative Weather since August of 2012. I am like most meteorologists, where my passion for weather started at a young age during severe weather events, and the program at UWM combined with the experience at Innovative Weather, has given me an opportunity to test my skills during real life situations. After I graduate, I hope to find a job in the meteorology field where I will continue to make an impact in decision making. Besides meteorology, I run in 5k's and am training for a marathon, and I enjoy learning about French culture and have received a minor in French from UWM.

Karleisa Rogacheski

I recently joined the Innovative Weather team in August 2012. I'm looking forward to graduation in May 2014. After graduation I plan on going to graduate school to hopefully study severe weather or tropical weather. I am, however, keeping my books open for other potential studies. As a child I'd always watched the local news with my family and idolized the meteorologists. I began studying pre-medicine at Concordia University, but after taking an Introduction to Meteorology course with Mark Baden from WISN, I was convinced that I should take it on as a major. I soon started taking math courses at Concordia University and eventually transferred over to UW–Milwaukee in the summer of 2011. I decided against UW–Madison because of its large size in the program, and after meeting with faculty from UWM and Iowa State, I decided to go with UW–Milwaukee because of class sizes and tuition rates.

Joshua Verbeten

I started at Innovative Weather in May of 2011 and graduated a year later with my bachelors in Atmospheric Science. I've recently started graduate studies at UWM, and after I earn my master's degree I'd like to work for the National Weather Service. I've always been interested in weather, but it wasn't until college that I made it a reality. When I originally chose UWM, I did so because of the great faculty at a close to home university. I enjoy working here because of the real life forecast experience and the realization that we save companies money by delivering accurate forecasts. My biggest interests in the field are studying short range high-resolution mesoscale models and going storm chasing, but I also enjoy disc golfing, and playing guitar and basketball.

Sam Kuffel

I have been with Innovative Weather since June of 2014, and I will be graduating with my bachelors in Atmospheric Science in May 2016. I chose UWM because out of the three schools in the state that offers an Atmospheric Science degree it was the closest to home and the most affordable. Like most meteorologists, I have been interested in weather since I was very young. During thunderstorms, I would always go outside to watch the storm approach until it wasn't safe anymore. My interest in weather was sparked even further after the January 7th, 2008 tornados that tore through my hometown of Kenosha, and did some heavy damage to my aunt and uncle's home. After graduation I plan on going to graduate school to further my education and hopefully get a job with the National Weather Service. Besides meteorology, I enjoy spending time disc golfing and going to Brewers games.

Jordan Lamers

Jordan is currently a meteorologist with WFRV-TV Channel 5 in Green Bay, WI. His interest in weather sparked as a young boy when a local broadcast meteorologist visited his second grade class. Since then he has been a passionate weather observer, finding entertainment in the movie 'Twister' and the television show 'Storm Chasers' on the Discovery Channel, which fueled his passion for severe weather events. While at UW-Milwaukee, Jordan became the president of the Atmospheric Science Club, spent a week storm chasing in the northern plains, and attended the 2015 AMS conference in Phoenix, AZ. Altogether these experiences helped to solidify his plan to pursue a career in meteorology. With the forecasting skills learned from Innovative Weather and an internship at WTMJ in Milwaukee, he hopes to one day become a broadcast meteorologist in Green Bay near his home town of Little Chute. On the side, Jordan enjoys playing competitive basketball, rocking out on the guitar and piano, and spending time by the lake with his friends.

Tyler Melso

I'll be graduating in the spring of 2014 from the Atmospheric Science program, and started working with Innovative Weather in August of 2012. I started at UWM as an undecided freshman, but have been interested in meteorology since grade school. It goes without saying that the movie Twister was one of my personal favorites. Midway through my second year, after gathering information about the Atmospheric Science program at UWM, I decided Atmospheric Science was the way to go. Upon graduating I hope to get a job working for the National Weather Service, but I'm also considering furthering my education and working towards getting a Master's degree. I'm a big football fan, love watching and rooting for the Packers, and also enjoy kicking back and jamming on the guitar or bass.

Austin Harris

As with many meteorologists, I can retrace my interest in the weather back to a specific date: May 3rd, 1999. On this date, I watched an F-5 tornado track through my hometown of Moore, OK. The experience led me to the University of Oklahoma (B.S), a study abroad with the University of Reading, an internship with the Storm Prediction Center, and eventually to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (M.S). Arguably the most impactful experience on my young career thus far has been with Innovative Weather (IW).

The only program of its kind, IW provided me with 2-years of invaluable experience in operational meteorology while in graduate school. Forecasting for, and proving decision support services to real-world clients have been instrumental to my development as a professional. Perhaps most importantly, IW allowed me to discover exactly where my deeper interests in meteorology reside: research, teaching, leadership, communications, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Alli Keclik

I was only a couple weeks old when Hurricane Andrew made landfall, causing significant damage to Southeast Florida -- my home. Growing up, I would always hear people refer to that monster storm and the possibility of having another catastrophic hurricane. I became intrigued by what caused those systems and how we can predict them. I marveled at the frequent afternoon thunderstorms in the summer and hoped for temperatures to drop below freezing each winter. In 2010, I combined my passion for weather and enjoyment of math and the physical sciences to study meteorology at the Florida State University. I experienced many wonderful opportunities during my undergraduate career that included interning at the Florida Department of Emergency Management and conducting research at the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes and the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies. A few months after graduating with my B.S. degree in Spring 2014, I began working toward my M.S. in Atmospheric Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) as a Research Assistant investigating the influence of assimilating targeted observations upon ensemble forecasts of convection initiation. In October 2014, I began interning at Innovative Weather (IW) where I am enjoying applying my meteorological background while also gaining forecasting experience. When I graduate from UWM, I hope to apply the skills obtained from working at IW by continuing my career in operational meteorology.

Timm Uhlmann

Unlike many of my colleagues in the field, I didn't always want to be a meteorologist and wasn't really interested in the field until college. I originally started as an electrical engineer with an aerospace focus at the University of North Dakota back in 2010, where I would later finish my bachelors degree. My first semester freshmen year, I took the introduction to meteorology course as part of my aerospace focus requirements. Within a few weeks, I already enjoyed the challenges of the day to day weather far more than those of circuitry and had changed my major to atmospheric science. Through the rest of my undergraduate years, I always tried to stay busy with extracurricular activities related to the field, both to garner more experience and to make sure I really did like the field I chose before it was too late to change. I did. I got research in with my soon to be undergrad adviser, David Delene; I explored broadcasting with an internships with Weather Nation in the Twin Cities, Studio One, and UND Weather Update; and in the summer between undergrad and grad school I was one of the meteorologists for the State Water Commission in North Dakota for their summer cloud modification project. When I finally got to UW-Milwaukee in fall of 2014, Innovative Weather just seemed like a natural fit, and boy was it ever! I can say with confidence that my service to Innovative Weather was THE most valuable element of my resume in acquiring my new job with the National Weather Service as a meteorologist intern. Between learning to serve different clients with different needs and risks, managing severe weather events, and digging into some of the more obscure kind of weather related problems companies can have, time with Innovative Weather was like educational gold. So in the end I would give this advice to those who follow: With the increasing competitiveness in meteorology, much like engineering, job determinations will come down to your internships, and Innovative Weather is one of the best.

Kaitlyn Heinlein

Unlike many meteorologists, Twister was not one of my favorite movies when I was younger. Instead, I loved Apollo 13 and was absolutely fascinated with the exploration of space. However, once I came to realize how long an astronaut could be away from home at a given time, I came to grips with the fact that space was just too far for me. This is when my mom opened me up to the world of weather instead, as she noticed that I would be quite the window-watcher during any thunderstorm or snowfall event. Now ever since sixth grade, I have been chasing this passion, eventually moving from my home on the Southside of Chicago to attain a B.S. in Meteorology at Valparaiso University, to finishing up a M.S. in Atmospheric Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. All the while, I have continued to play my favorite sport of volleyball, cheer on the Green Bay Packers every fall, eat plenty of ice cream, and enjoy all things Disney. Other than school and these hobbies, I have invested much of my time throughout the years in a variety of internships such as the National Weather Service, Weather Services International at United Airlines, and now with Innovative Weather. After having spent the past year with Innovative Weather, I cannot imagine going into the 'real world' without having this particular experience. Working with the IW team has helped me to not only enhance my professional skills through client consultation, but it has also enabled me to connect all the pieces of my education and previous experiences in a way that has fully prepared me for the next exciting step of my future.

Dylan Turner

Dylan Turner is an operational Meteorologist at Innovative Weather, where he does weather forecasting and risk assessments for specific clients across southeastern Wisconsin and the Midwest. Dylan started his internship there in February of 2015 and recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May of 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Sciences. His passion for weather goes back to when he was a kid as he would watch storm clouds roll in and was fascinated with the different types of clouds seen. He would always watch the Weather Channel as a kid waiting to see when the next storms will arrive. When not working, Dylan loves to play basketball and golf. He is also a passionate Brewers, Packers, and Bucks fan. He also does a lot of volunteer work for the MACC Fund, American Lung Association, and the American Red Cross.

Juliana Karloski

I received my M.S. in Atmospheric Science in May 2015, and I have been a part of the Innovative Weather program since I arrived here in the fall of 2013 after receiving my B.S. in Meteorology from Texas A&M University in May 2012.

A native southeast Texan, I grew up about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. My interest in weather didn't really begin until I was in high school, but was influenced by several events throughout the years. These include the torrential rains from Tropical Storm Allison (2001), my first snowfall and the first-ever White Christmas along the Texas Gulf Coast (2004), evacuating from ' and being chased by! ' Hurricane Rita (2005), and riding out Hurricane Ike at home (2008). Living through all of these storms and seeing their aftermath lead me to want to figure out a way to not only better understand and forecast them, but more importantly, to educate others about the weather so that when the warnings come, people will understand the danger and take the necessary precautions. As a UWM graduate student, I was able to do both as I also worked as a Teaching Assistant educating others in the basics of meteorology. Additionally, during my time at Innovative, I have had to opportunity not just to improve my forecasting skills but my professional ones as well becoming a Senior Forecaster and Special Projects Lead in addition to my role as our Social Media Coordinator which has opened a whole new world for me. I have learned and grown so much over the past few years working here alongside friends that I consider my extended family, and I would not trade this experience for anything even though I'm over 1200 miles from home and have quickly learned what true cold is. I never dreamed I would ever consider 32F to be warm.

When I'm not busy trying to stay warm or keeping track of the weather, I enjoy designing and creating various crafts, curling up with a good book, taking photos of the world around me, and making others smile.

Brent Miller

I graduated in May 2014 from UWM with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences and started working at Innovative Weather in November of 2013. My passion for weather started at a young age when I would always go outside in my parent's garage when there were thunderstorms and would sometimes even go out and chase storms myself. My big passion and interest in weather is thunderstorms and snowstorm forecasting. Right now, I work at Associated Bank as an Assistant Branch Manager but I still enjoy my one night a week I work at IW as an Alumi staff member and mentor/trainer. Every year my buddy (and former IW alum) Kyle go on a week long storm chase in the Plains as well! Other than weather and the bank, I am a huge music aficionado, sports fan and love traveling around the state for auto races.

Mackenzie Nuthals

I began school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall of 2014, and I have been with Innovative Weather since June 2015. My interest in weather didn't spark from any specific event like many other meteorologists, but I have always had a love for storms since I can remember. I would always be watching the radar and trying to predict what was going to happen next. In May of 2017, I will be graduating with a B.S. degree in Atmospheric Science. My overall career dream is to find a meteorological related job that brings me close to my hometown of Green Bay, WI. Besides meteorology, in my free time I love to spend time with my family, watch Packer games, and go up north

Russell Danielson

I have been interested in meteorology since I can first remember. I recall watching it snow with my Mom on school nights hoping that it would accumulate enough for school to be cancelled. Events like the flooding from the remnants of hurricane Gustav in 2008, the groundhog day blizzard of 2011, the tornadoes of November 17, 2013, and the double derecho of June 30, 2014 have captured my interest in the recent past fueling my interest to become an operational meteorologist. In May of 2015, I graduated from Valparaiso University with a B.S. in meteorology. While studying at Valparaiso I captivated my curiosity in the weather by participating in many storm chasing trips including 4 eleven day trips that ventured to the Central Plains to states like Texas and all the way to Montana. During my senior year I was elected the director of the Storm Intercept Team and gained valuable leadership experience while leading the storm chase trips. During my time at Valparaiso, I had two great internships that furthered my fascination in the field of meteorology and confirmed my beliefs in wanting a job in the field. The first was at a private forecast company in Palatine, IL called Weathercommand where they perform many of the same duties as they do here at Innovative Weather, including live radio broadcasts and forecasts for major league baseball teams. The second was at the National Weather Service Chicago office where I completed multiple research projects, most notably on the value of aviation forecasts. With the help of the later, I was able to secure a Pathways internship with the National Weather Service Albuquerque office that will likely lead to a full time position as a National Weather Service employee. My interest in areas other than weather include playing and watching sports. I am a die-hard Cubs, Bears, and Bulls fan as well as a huge Valparaiso University basketball fan.

Jacob Spender

My father has driven my passion for Meteorology, since I was a child growing up in Sheboygan, WI. Storm chases and monitoring severe weather in Wisconsin were the usual occurrence growing up with my father. I would sit in my living room watching The Weather Channel from 9am in the morning till the middle of the night waiting for the severe weather to finally move into the Sheboygan area, so I could watch the lightning, wind, and hail (if there were any). This passion for weather has driven me to pursue a degree in Atmospheric Science at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, for which I will be graduating at in May of 2017. I began Interning at Innovative Weather in April of 2016, and have enjoyed working in the operational setting, and plan to acquire a job in operations at the National Weather Service down the road. In my free time, besides watching the weather, I enjoy hanging out with friends, chasing storms around eastern Wisconsin, Ghost hunting in the evening, playing the violin, or creating a new painting.

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